Positive Behaviour Support: What's the Message?

e-learning Course on Positive Behaviour Support using the Multi-Element Behaviour Support Model

Do you want to learn about positive ways to support children and adults with an intellectual disability and behavioural support needs?

If the answer is 'yes' this foundation course is for you.

Positive Behaviour Support is an applied science used to 'find the message' hidden in the behavioural support need, to not only change behaviour but more importantly improve a person's quality of life.

This course provides an understanding of Positive Behaviour Support and the Multi-Element Behaviour Support (MEBS) Model.

This course is suitable for all people working with, or supporting, individual’s with intellectual disability and behavioural support needs. Tutor support will be available for the duration of the course.

This course is also a pre-requisite for the Practice Certificate in Multi-Element Behaviour Support.  The student who completes part 1 and 2 can apply for the Practice Certificate.


Email callan@sjog.ie for more information.