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Callan Institute as part of Saint John of God Community Services clg., promotes positive practices for individuals with intellectual disability and behavioural support needs (using the Multi-Element Model of Positive Behaviour Support) and relationships and sexuality education and support, as part of RUA..

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Callan Institute 2024 Training Schedule

Callan Institute training schedule for Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) or Friendship, Relationship & Sexuality (RUA) , 2024 dates .
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Disability CPD modules: MEBS and 'Identity, Sexuality, Mortality and Trauma' in UCD Summer 2024

The UCD Centre for Disability Studies is proud to announce the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programme. We are offering two Summer courses in 2024 for CPD, which are: ‘Multi-Element Behaviour Support’, ‘Identity Sexuality, Mortality & Trauma’.
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e-learning course on Positive Behaviour Support

Do you want to learn about positive ways to change behaviour with children and adults with an intellectual disability and behaviour of concern? This On Line Course is For you....
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MEBS Forum- 18th April & 21st November, 2023 Time: 2.00pm- 5.00pm- Zoom

This forum is designed for staff members who have completed the Longitudinal Course and/or Practice Certificate in Multi-Element Behaviour Support.
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Systematic Instruction 2023 Zoom Training Dates.

Building Capacity through Skills Teaching: This course supports the teaching of skills using applied behaviour analysis....
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Parents Resources on Identity, Friendships, Relationships & Sexuality.

These resources are designed to provide Parents with the information, confidence and skills to talk about growing up, relationships and sexuality to their children, teenagers and young adults with intellectual disabilities.
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Positive Behaviour Support for Children

Do you want to know more about how to support a child with difficult situations? Our new leaflet is now available to explain how. Click to download a copy.
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New Privacy Notices

Please check out our new privacy notices for webpage visitors and for people using Callan Institute Services
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