Raising Understanding and Awareness


RUA aims to raise understanding and awareness around Identity, Friendships, Relationships and Sexuality in the lives of people who have an intellectual disability.


RUA advocates that individuals with extra support needs have the same human rights in friendships, relationships, sexual health and personal safety as everyone else. RUA assists professionals and families to be comfortable and skilled in providing Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) and support using the PLISSIT and High 5 Alive© models. 

 How do we do this?

Through supporting individuals who have Intellectual Disabilities, staff, family members and carers to understand Sexuality and the importance of relationships and sexuality in all our lives.

RUA enables and empowers people through education, information and support to feel comfortable to explore, experience and question this area of their lives through a framework of support using current guidelines and policy and PLISSIT, HIGH 5 Alive and RUA Awareness Principles.

We do this through:

One Day RUA introduction workshops (Online and in person)

Practice Certificate in RUA

Ongoing support through Facilitator Forums and Special Interest Groups

For more information: email: or call: 01 281 4139