Raising Understanding and Awareness (RUA) about Oneself, Friendships, Relationships and Sexuality:

RUA, within The Callan Institute, as part of Saintt John of God Community Services clg, was established in November 2003, and aims to support staff and carers to enable people with intellectual disability understand sexuality and develop friendships and relationships in their lives.
Springing from the Christian values and holistic approach advocated and practised by its founder, the Hospitaller Order of St John of God has a mission to provide persons availing of its services with the highest quality care, education, training, treatment of assistance in accordance with their needs.  The Order recognises and promotes the inherent dignity and rights of the individual

RUA advocates that individuals with extra support needs have the same human rights in friendships, relationships, sexual health and personal safety as everyone else. RUA assists professionals and families to be comfortable and skilled in providing Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) and support using the PLISSIT and High 5 Alive© models.